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Radon Mitigation Madison Will Solve Your Radon Problem

The second leading cause of lung cancer in Wisconsin is radon gas. Soil and rocks contain deposits of uranium. The degradation of the uranium releases radon gas into the atmosphere. This results in a very consistent outdoor radon level of about 0.4pCi/L. Radon Mitigation Madison WI is dedicated to reducing the risk of radon.

The medical community was alerted to the radon cancer risk by the high incidence of lung cancer in uranium miners. Uranium mines had an extremely high concentration of radon.

Radon Mitigation Madison is the Answer to your Radon Problems

Because of the temperature difference, air pressure inside a home is generally lower than that of outdoor air. In many areas of Wisconsin, radon is present in the soil beneath homes and buildings. The radon in the soil tends to escape into the dwelling through cracks in basement walls and floors. In houses without a basement, radon can also accumulate in poorly ventilated crawlspaces. Furnaces and vent fans produce an even greater negative pressure in the house. Radon Mitigation Madison Wisconsin will conduct an extensive survey of your home to determine the sources of radon infiltration.

Radon Mitigation Madison Uses the Most-advanced Mitigation Techniques

Radon Mitigation Madison WI employs only highly-trained and certified technicians. They are trained in the latest techniques of reduction of radon in your home.

To reduce radon infiltration into the basement, Radon Mitigation Madison will patch any visible cracks. A radon exhaust fan is also usually needed. A four-inch plastic pipe will be inserted through a hole drilled through the basement floor. A powerful radon exhaust fan will be installed in the pipe, probably at an outdoor location. This fan will create a negative pressure under the concrete slab and exhaust the radon above the roof level of the house. Radon Mitigation Madison Wisconsin guarantees your satisfaction.

Radon Mitigation Madison Will Determine the Radon Level in Your Home

While radon is unsafe at any level, the EPA recommends that average radon house levels of 4 pCi/L or higher should be reduced. Radon Mitigation Madison WI suggests that tests between 2.0 and 4.0 pCi/L should also be reduced. A test of 2 to 90 days is considered short term. Long term is over 90 days. A test canister that samples air in the room is mailed to a lab for testing. These tests determine how much reduction is required. Radon Mitigation Madison can conduct these tests for you. Radon Mitigation Madison Wisconsin can reduce your radon concentrations as much as 99 percent.

If radon from your crawlspace is leaking into your home, Radon Mitigation Madison will cover the area with a thick plastic sheet to collect and vent the radon to the outside. In warm climates, it may be possible to provide natural ventilation to the crawlspace to alleviate the problem. Radon Mitigation Madison WI can install a better ventilation system for you.

Radon Mitigation Madison is Dedicated to Solving Your Problem

These simple solutions usually reduce radon levels to a satisfactory level. In difficult cases, house pressurization or air-to-air heat exchangers may be needed. Rest assured that Radon Mitigation Madison Wisconsin will leave no stone unturned to solve your problem.

Contact Radon Mitigation Madison for your free estimate. Radon Mitigation Madison WI is one of the country's leading radon remediation companies.

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